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The Dentist and I

Dentists and anything dentist-related are my Achilles heel. From 1965 to 1968, I was at Sultan Abdullah School in Kuantan. Those were memorable days basking in all the attention since it was an all boys’ school and the only girls … Continue reading

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To blog or Not to blog

The trigger to this … I was looking for a particular blogger on the Web two nights ago but could not track her whereabouts. What I like most about her blogs is the simplicity and honesty in her writings.  Her … Continue reading

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Meeting friends from way back

In 1964, I enrolled and attended the Methodist Primary School in Kuantan, Pahang. My class was the first room if you enter the school compound via the entrance opposite the Methodist Church. My classroom teacher then was Mrs. Mahalingam. However, … Continue reading

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July 2017 – it’s a wrap

I attended five meetings and surprisingly only fulfilled one wedding invitation. The most memorable event in July was the Retirement Farewell given to me by PPM. It was held in conjunction with PPM’s Jamuan Hari Raya. I was indeed touched … Continue reading

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Adjusting to a new way of life

My last post was in August, 11 August 2017 to be exact and today is 31 October 2017. It’s not like I’m short of stuff to write about ‘cos a lot of things have been happening. It’s just the writing … Continue reading

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2015 … its a wrap

It’s 12.21 pm on the first day of 2016 which falls on a Friday in Malaysia. We get the day off and a pretty long weekend this time round. I’m “parked” in a room at Pullman Putrajaya with my immediate … Continue reading

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Procrastination or time management issues or laziness

I’m in my room in Hilton Pattaya killing time since the meeting will only start at 12.00 midday. I toured the entire Central Festival Mall yesterday and walked down the famous Central Pattaya Beach this morning. The weather is too … Continue reading

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