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July 2017 – it’s a wrap

I attended five meetings and surprisingly only fulfilled one wedding invitation. The most memorable event in July was the Retirement Farewell given to me by PPM. It was held in conjunction with PPM’s Jamuan Hari Raya. I was indeed touched … Continue reading

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Adjusting to a new way of life

My last post was in August, 11 August 2017 to be exact and today is 31 October 2017. It’s not like I’m short of stuff to write about ‘cos a lot of things have been happening. It’s just the writing … Continue reading

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Revisiting my blog – “The Other Side of My Life”

I started this one and only blog in 2009 and my first posting was set in stone on 28 December 2009. It went something like this or rather this was what I posted “Salam & hello everyone out there. I’ve … Continue reading

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