Adjusting to a new way of life

My last post was in August, 11 August 2017 to be exact and today is 31 October 2017. It’s not like I’m short of stuff to write about ‘cos a lot of things have been happening. It’s just the writing that is my main stumbling block. I do look up to bloggers who blog consistently and the latest that caught my eye is  Suzy Marie . Her titles are interesting and her writing is sincere and to the point. Her photos are beautiful but, I particularly love these one – Five Things That Made Me Happy This Week with her latest being #33. It’s a good start for people like me who procrastinates constantly. Another favourite of mine is the one by Vivy Yusof Yes, she’s a celebrity and yes, she has a great following but please bear in mind that she started blogging from way back and her posts are really good. Both these blogs allow one to have a sneak peek into their lives and there’s always a meaningful message attached to each post – that’s if you really read through it.

I retired on 28 May 2017 and since it was a Sunday, my last working day was 26 May 2017 which was a Friday. Lucky for me, the next day, 27 May 2017, was the first day of the holy month of Ramadan. Lucky ‘cos for the next 29 days, I would be kept busy 1. preparing food for the berbuka puasa or breaking of fast, 2. preparing food for sahur, and 3. prayers. Apart from that I had to cleanup the entire house or rather unit which I have been staying in since December 2003 but has done no major cleanup. Then I had to sort out my entire closet/wardrobe and put items in boxes of –  to keep, to give away and to discard. Truth be told, I gave away more than 50% of my work clothes  since I don’t have to go to work any more. All that kept me busy for a whole month. For Hari Raya Aidil Fitri, I made a conscious decision to stay in Kelana Jaya with Amelia. We just stayed home and lazed around for a couple of days and then life returns to normal – no more fasting month and things associated with it. This is when my mind drew a blank. What do I do every day from now until the day I leave this earth from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep?

Our mandatory Syawal photo – with the help of a timer

Every one I met use to tell me that retirement is the time you do all the things you wanted to do but could not whilst you were working. Ok … I wanted to be closer to Allah SWT, travel, catch up on my reading, tend to my tiny garden, blog, hang out with relatives and friends, be actively involved in my association and redo my entire unit. That’s it then but looking back, I now have to admit I was totally naive about retirement and what is involved. So, I had to readjust my retirement plans accordingly.

In denial – courtesy of Lee Gaitlin



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2 Responses to Adjusting to a new way of life

  1. Vijayalatchumy UM says:

    Hi Dr. Im very glad to hear from you here. This post is very poetic. Days after retirement is not for just Living; its to be for something more better i guess. Will be following you here.

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