Day 3: Moving around Kuantan

We had to get up extra early since Edah has a dental appointment at 10.00 am and for this we have to drive into town. We had home made fried meehoon or rice vermicelli for breakfast and then got into the car for the drive into Kuantan. Whilst Edah had her dental appointment, Sue, Azwa and I explored the shops in the vicinity. The clinic itself is in the centre of Kuantan town and directly opposite the main wet market. Once completed, we drove to Bangunan BSN at Jalan Bank. Why? Both Edah and I wanted to go to Jabatan Akauntan Negara Pahang to see whether we had any unclaimed money. There was a queue just to get to the elevator. We queued and chatted with some one who was in the queue when the lady in front of us asked whether we have a number. A number? Hmmmmm … she said to get through the door to enter the elevator, you need a number. I backtracked and saw the sign. Ok.

The notice

Like me, some still queued without reading the sign

There was no such announcement in any of the media. So, that was that but I was annoyed because:

  1. parking was difficult and we had to pay for it,
  2. there was no announcement in the media,
  3. the polis bantuan did not say anything about getting a number when he saw us queueing, and
  4. the signage does not carry any official stamp.

Off the car and Edah took us to Tanjung Lumpur for lunch at MABIQ 2 – there is a MABIQ 1 just behind the Yayasan Pahang building. MABIQ 2 is the newer of the two. The restaurant serves authentic Malay dishes and it’s self service all the way. You get a plate and fill it up with rice and you can put dishes into separate plates or put them on your own plate and the staff will do a count at your table. They have an assortment of drinks, both hot and cold, and its self service as well. We picked ikan patin masak tempoyak, pais ikan patin, masak lemak daging salai, ulam, sambal and fried kailan as our shared dishes. I’m weak when it comes to patin and both patin dishes were really good. Patin is a freshwater fish which is renown and synonymous with Pahang.

It’s on the left hand side as you drive into Tanjung Lumpur

The main dishes. Fried kailan and beef soup not in the photo

We got back into the car and since we are still in Tanjung Lumpur, we definitely must stop for keropok keping and keropok lekor. Keropok is made from fish paste and flour. Its then rolled up, boiled and cut into 2 inch pieces and fried – this is keropok lekor. The rolled mixed is normally cut into thin slices, sun dried and fried – this is keropok keping. We found a new “supplier” known as Keropok Lekor Li Pok Soh – quite a mouthful – but their or rather Pok Soh’s keropok is worth the distance. I bought both varieties in rather large quantities since both Amy (my youngest daughter) and Azwa love them.

Free advert for my fav keropok entrepreneur

Keropok keping

Into the car and I specifically asked for dessert. Not any old dessert. I asked for cendol Air Putih – cendol is the name of the dessert and Air Putih is the location. So, off we go for the umpteenth time to Cendol Air Putih. Like nasi dagang Ubai, cendol Air Putih is a must whenever I’m in Kuantan.

We had cendol, Sue added on vadai and Azwa had tembosa. I skipped the                  pulut panggang

Look for this sign in Air Putih

There’s always a crowd but service is fast

Feeling full and happy, we went home. I honestly cannot remember what we had for dinner but after a full day of eating out, do we need dinner? But there was pavlova for tea – made by who else but my sister.

Home made is still the best


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