Losing my boss and my teacher.

I wrote this on 19 March 2015 but never posted it to the blog. I really don’t know why. But today, I picked this up as a draft in my WP and I feel its time to post this.  Here goes:

On 8 March 2015, I posted my birthday greetings to him. Normally, it would just be “happy birthday” but this time, I thanked him for all his guidance and patience with me in my early years in the profession.

“Happy birthday Mr Lim … thank you for all you guidance and help when I first embarked on this profession. I would not be where I am now without your guidance. Have an enjoyable celebration”. I was quite a “rebel” then. He replied on 11 March 2015 saying that he’s proud of me.

“Tq Edzan Nasir for your kind wishes n your flattering words; you have done extremely well with your own courage n diligence, n I am very proud for you!”

I replied “Thanks Mr. Lim Chee Hong … my early years at USM Library surrounded by knowledgeable seniors helped paved my way. Thanks again.”

On 17 March 2015 or maybe 18 March 2015, I was talking to Rugayah Ali​ (a friend and fellow librarian from USM) about him. But, on 19 March 2015, I received a WA message from Maimunah Kadir​ (a friend and fellow librarian) informing me of his demise. RIP Mr. Lim and I will definitely miss our FB exchanges. This is a reminder to me and the time we have left on this earth.

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