3 days 2 nights of food in Bandung

I’m going to start this blog right from the word “go” at KLIA2. My youngest took me to KLIA2 and we had breakfast at KFC followed by coffee at Starbucks. This time I’m flying solo to Bandung with my staff and their families. We were suppose to fly off on Malindo Air at about 12.05 midday but the flight has been re-timed to 2.00 pm. The trip starts on 1 March 2015 with us flying to Bandung and ends on 3 March 2015 with us flying back to Kuala Lumpur.

We boarded and arrived in Bandung 2 hours later. The airport is rather small since the airport belongs to the Indonesian air force. Once our luggage arrived we were met by our guides, Sofi and Bahari, and boarded the bus. ย The guides gave a running review of Bandung before stopping at the house of the supplier of embroidered fabric. We were overwhelmed by the sheer number of fabric but I only chose one to use for my nephew’s wedding in Kuantan. The rest of the group bought as much as they could and we went to the Promenade Hotel for Chinese dinner. We then left for Rumah Mode, a factory outlet. I have been here before and just walked around aimlessly before stopping to buy bread at the coffee-house. Once done, we headed to our hotel appropriately named Tebu Hotel.

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