Making Resolutions for 2012

I’m truly impressed and inspired by my niece’s blog ‘cos her resolutions are up and running ( you have been following my blogs, you would have noticed that I blog on every new year’s eve or day but you would have also noticed that I do not make resolutions, i.e. specific ones. However, with lots of things happening in my life at this point in time, I feel that now is the time and next year is the year when I have to make resolutions and resolve to stick to them. So, here goes (but in no particular oder of importance since all are important):
• Save RM for 2 big events that will happen in 2012 – a wedding and a convocation

o Greatly reduce or totally eliminate the need to buy cloth/clothings/shoes/bags
o Reduce the need to eat out
o Make full use of the gym membership since it’s all paid for in full
o Make full use of what remains of the beauty shop membership – S2 & Skintalk
o Stop giving talks overseas
• Get rid of 5 kg of unwanted fat
• Start renovating the unit one space at a time
• Get articles published
• Start writing for a book
• Plan for a long family holiday preferably autumn or winter in Japan or Korea
• Plan for a healthy retirement fund
Ok … the list is rather long but the gist of it is to save money in lieu of my retirement and to be healthy and to be productive. Come 31 December 2012, we’ll look at this list and count how many ticks we have.

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